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Abul Hasanat Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Qadiri,(Arabic: popularly known as Hadrat Abdullah Shah Sahib, was one of the celeberated scholars of Islam and spiritual reformer. He is more particularly known as a Muhaddith (one who specializes in Hadith literature), honorifically as Muhaddith-e Dakkan ( the Muhaddith of the Dakkan) in the Islamic Circles of knowledge all over the world. A prolific writer of Islamic Sciences, he wrote extensively on Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and compiled his best-known work Zujajat al-Masabih in five-volumes. A unique and comprehensive collection of Hadiths pertaining to the Hanafi School of Law, the book is considered a magnum opus in Hadith and Fiqh literature. An erudite Mufassir (Qur’anic exegite) and expounder of other Islamic religious texts, he was more importantly one of the most celebrated Sufis produced by India in the 20th century. He is popularly considered to be one of the Saint scholars among the masses of South India, particularly, Hyderabad.

Abul Hasanat Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi

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  1. As salaamu alikum,

    i want to know about who did hasrath abdullah shah sahib followed in his life and became mureed. kindly get in touch

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