Abul Hasanat Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Qadiri   5 comments

Muhaddis-e-Deccan Hazrath Syed Abdullah Shah Abul Hasanaat Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Born 6 February 1872
Husaini ‘Alam, Hyderabad, India
Died 27 August, 1964
Naqshbandi Chaman, Misri Gunj, Hyderabad, India
Occupation scholar of Islam and spiritual reformer

5 responses to “Abul Hasanat Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Qadiri

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  1. subanalha hazart qibala ki tasveer

  2. As-salaamualaikum, JazakaALLAH Khair for this image. Thank really very much for this image. But can you give surety that this is the one close to our hearts – Hazrat Muhaddith e Deccan Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi (Rahmatullah Alaih) ? Cause I’ve heard from many of his son’s (Syed Rahmatullah Shah Sahab) mureeds that there is only only one image of Dada Peer Rahmatullah Alaih. So, is this his real image ? and How come this image is not known to people commonly ? and how come he allowed to take this image of his completely when in his another image he got angry with the person who took the image and i heard that that person also got some Azab cause he took the image. ALLAHu ‘Aalam. So any confirmations ? Please write the details of this image. And do let us know how you got this image. JazaakaALLAH Khair.

    Your Brother in Islam
    Abdul Rahman

    • AS-salamulaikum Moulana or Hafiz ,

      This Photo publish by 2004 urs,(Muhaddis-e-Deccan Hazrath Syed Abdullah Shah Abul Hasanaat Naqshbandi Mujaddidi) under the guarding ship of PEER-E-TARIQAT RAHBAR-E-SHAREEYAT QIBLA-E-AALAM Hadhrat Abul Khairat Syed Anwarullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri (May Allah shower His Mercy on him)

      • Wa alaikum as-salaam Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh, if its not famous then i will take a print and show it to all of my Friends ! But why is this image not famous at all ? I haven’t heard from anybody about his second image ? is this Freely available in Hyderabad ? I actually am from Hyderabad.

  3. subhanallah, mashaallah

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