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41e9727139d591c0f86eaf38e42b0b65.jpegIt is impossible to disprove this fact that there are some virtuous people in mankind whose lives are interpretation to the worship of Almighty. Their connection with the Almighty is more than the creature. Until they seek pleasure of Allah even in attaching His creature. And they have been described in the Holy Quran in this way “Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve”. Their character is guiding light and their mentioning is expiation of sins. One of those entities is Hazrat Muhaddis-e-Deccan Rh. Whose description is blessing and his life is a guiding light for us.The land of Deccan is already known as the hub of saintly personalities. Along with the famous saints of Deccan, Hazrat Muhaddis-e-Deccan Rh also benefited the land of Deccan with his feet. Thus, Muhaddis-e-Deccan Rh appears on the top of the list of righteous people (Auliya ikram) of Deccan.
The Personality of Muhaddis-e-Deccan at a Glance
The Holy Name: Syed Abdullah Shah
Patronymic: Abul Hasnaat
Titles: Zabdatul Muhaddiseen, Khatimatul Muhaqqiqeen, Arif Billah, Muhaddis-e-
Deccan, Mohi Uloom Sunan/Sunnat.
Father: Hafiz Syed Muzaffar Husain Rh.
Holy Parentage: His successive origin meets Hazrat Syedna Ali Rz through 45 situations.
He is a Najeeb ut Tarfain Sadaat.
Holy Birth: He was born on Friday the 10th of Zil Hajj, 1292 Hijri in the early morning.
Primary Education: His education started with a saintly personality Hazat Aaqibat Shah Sahib Rh by reciting of Bismillah Khawani. There is one famous incident about Hazrat Aaqibat Shah Rh that once he dreamt about the Prophet (peace be upon him) that he was saying him, “Aaqibat Shah! How long will you be away from us?” thus, after seeing this dream he went to Madina Al Munawwarah and passed away there after a few days. And he was buried in Jannat ul baqi. The second personality who taught him is his father Hazrat Syed Muzaffar Husain Shah Rh himself. He himself provided him primary education.
Scholarly Rank: He had caliber over Quranic Explanation (Tafseer), Prophetic Sayings (Hadeeth, )Principles of Hadeeth, Jurisprudence (Fiqah), Principles of Fiqah, Beliefs (Aqa’id), Sofism (Tasawwuf), Reasoning (Mantiq), Philosophy etc. However, he had an excellent command in every skill.
Famous Teachers: Shaikh ul Islam Arif Billah Hafiz Mohammed Anwarullah Farooqui – Founder Jamia Nizamia, Maulana Abdur Rahman Saharanpuri, Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, Maulana Habeeb ur Rahman Saharanpuri Rh.
Wedding: Hazrat Rh did two marriages. He married second time when his first wife had died. From the first wife he had one daughter and from the second wife he had four sons and two daughters.
Sons: Hazrat Abul Barakaat Syed Shah Khaleel ullah Naqshbandi, Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmed Naqshbandi, Hazrat Syed Shah Habeebullah Naqshbandi Rh. And Hazrat Abul Khair Syed Shah Rahmatullah Naqshbandi.
Allegiance and
Caliph Hood Though he had taken allegiance (bayt) from his father’s spiritual guide Hazrat
(Bayt and khilafat): Miskeen Shah Sahib Naqshbandi Rh Aliabad. But he could not get the time to accompany him during his studies. Later, he took allegiance and caliph hood from one of the highly ranked Naqshbandi and Quadri saints Hazrat Syed Mohammed Badasha Bukhari Rh who was the caliph of Hazrath Shah Saadullah Husaini Naqshbandi Quadri Rh.
Worship and Struggling: He had a regular schedule of visiting his Shaikh in the Fajr irrespective of intense weather conditions. For this he used to travel 4 miles on foot and was never absent. This kept continue for about 20 years. Zikr and meditation was in usual routine after offering salat ul Fajr.
Decent Character: He was an interpreter of this Quranic verse, “وانک لعلی خلق عظیم ”. The Almighty
had bestowed him with such a humbleness and leniency that there is one incident in this regard. Once a close relative of Mohtaram Maulana Syed Manazir Ahsan Jilani Rh arrived Hyderabad. Someone gave him the address of Hazrat Rh then he reached Husaini Alam in the afternoon and near the mosque of Hazrat he was asking for the address of Hazrat’s house and time to visit him. Then the people said that there were no such formalities to meet Hazrat. You enter the mosque and meet Hazrat. He was wondered that how simple was such a great personality! He entered the mosque and found the Hazrat sitting. He was greatly inspired and said this verse without any hesitation
Ek ishare mein badal dein jo nizam e hasti
Masjidaun mein bhi kahin aise imam hote hain

Journey to Mecca: Hazrat only could offer Hajj once in his life. In that period the Holy Land of Haram was under the reign of Turkey. During his stay in the Holy Madina he used to meditate in front of the Holy Tomb of Prophet (peace be upon him)and this used to bring him in a strange condition which can only be explained by the persons who were with him at that time.
Tradition and Silsila: He was the follower of Hanafi tradition and Naqshbandi & Quadri Silsila.
Books: A unique book in Arabic “Zujajatul Masabeeh” comprising ahadeeth of Hanafi tradition consists of Five volumes, Shahadat Naama, Meraj Naama, Milaad Naama, Elajus Salikeen, Yusuf Naama, Sulook-e-Mujaddidiya, Gulzar-e-Auliya etc.
Contemporaries: Hazrat As Syed Mohammad Bin Alwi Al Hasani Al Maliki Al Makki, Hakeem-e-Ummat Ahmed Yaar Khan Nayeemi, Hazrat Syed Yahya Pasha Husaini, Hazrat Mufti Syed Ahmed Ali Sufi, Shikh ul Islam Syed Badashah Husaini, Hazrat Bahrul Uloom Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui Rh. etc.
Disciples: It is very difficult to estimate the number of Hazrat’s disciples because people used to come in throng for getting into bayt. However, each and every part of the Sub continent witnesses the blessings of Hazrat.
Few Famous Caliphs: Hazrat Maulana Abul Barakaat Syed Shah Khaleelullah Rh, Hazrat Abul Khair Maulana Syed Shah Rahmatullah Rh, Maulana Syed Abdur Raoof Musafir, Qazi Maulana Mohammed Abdul Wahab Siddiqui, Maulana Syed Gulam Jeelani, Maulana Hafiz Siddiq Husain, Abul Fida Mohammed Abdus Sattar Khan etc.
The Holy Demise: He met his True Creator on 18th of Rabi us Sani, 1284 Hijri, accordingly the 28th of August 1964 on Thursday.
The Funeral Prayer: His funeral prayer was lead by his eldest son Hazrat Abul Barakaat Syed Shah Khaleelullah Rh at Eidgah Mir Alam.
Succession: His eldest son Hazrat Syed Shah Khaleelullah was the successor of him. The succession ceremony was done by Hazrat ul Ustaaz Maulana Abul Wafa Afghani Rh
Principal Sayings:
People aspire to see Prophet (peace be upon him) in dream; the complete compliance and following of Him is like to see Him in the state of awakening.
A person who takes a good care of his family and provides them good and divine education and manages for their provision, then this endeavor of him is better than jihad.
It is strange to consider misery an evil but not to extravagance.
A spiritual guide is a doorway to concealed knowledge. Allegiance is a pledge for obedience of Allah.
Some people have good opinion about those people who leave salat and drink liquor. They say about them that their appearance is evil but their insight is good. This is the deception of Devil.
Imagining murshid during zikr is just like accompanying him.
The principal worship is repentance and without which brilliance doesn’t come into deeds.
Kalima Tayyaba, Durood-e-Shareef, recitation of Quran and other reciting are like perfume. And repentance and Istaghfar akin to soap. Perfume gives good taste when apply after using soap.
Belief, good deeds, realizing the bounties of Allah and the abudance Zikr; these four things lead to a good ending.
Become the interpreter of this saying “Hands should busy in work and the heart in the remembrance of Allah” and value your precious time.
One grain earn through rightful means is better than a lot earned through unlawful means. A seeker (salik) should avoid strictly even doubtful things.
(Taken from: Tazkira-e-Muhaddis-e-Deccan, Hayaat Naama, Majalla-e-Anwaar Nizamia, Mawa’iz-e-Hasna)


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