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Renowned religious and spiritual personality and custodian of Muhaddis-e-Deccan , Allama Hadhrat Abulkharat, Hadhrat Syed Anwarullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri breathed his last here Thursday after cardiac arrest. He was 72.

Hadhrat Abulkharat was preparing for Friday prayer when he felt severe pain in his chest. He was shifted to hospital and was diagnosed as cardiac arrest but he could not recover and died.

Hadhrat Abulkharat was a scholar renowned author of almost books on Islam, A rare audio explaining “YOUSUFNAMA” written by his grandfather Abul Hasanaat Hazrath Muhaddith-e-Deccan Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri (Rahmatullah alaih) Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Mysticism was his filed of specialization with regard to research in history and religion.

The late scholar had thousands of followers across the country as well as the world. Thousands of the devotees and followers of Pir Hadhrat Abulkharat used to visit Naqshbandi Chaman for guidance and spirituality, particularly on the annual Urs of Pir Hadhrat Abulkharat’s ancestors.

The news of Pir Hadhrat Abulkharat’s death proved to be a shocking for the devotees, who started thronging at the Naqshbandi Chaman. Loud cries and moans were audible around the Muhaddis-e-Deccan Naqshbandi Chaman , a Baragali Hussaninialam situated in the Hyderabad India

The service of Pir Hadhrat Abulkharat would never be forgotten in spreading preachings of Islam in the entire region.

His services as scholar as well as preacher of Islam would always be remembered. People of twin cities have heartiest affiliations with the deceased custodian of Muhaddis-e-Deccan Naqshbandi Chaman .

Both the dignitaries in their separate condolence messages lauded the services of late Hadhrat Abulkharat for the cause of religion and for preaching tolerance and understanding amongst his followers.

They said the services of Pir Hadhrat Abulkharat Hadhrat Syed Anwarullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri in this regard,will long be remembered and also prayed to Allah Almighty to shower his blessings on the departed soul and for courage and fortitude for the Mureeds members and others to bear this irreparable loss with equanimity.
Hadhrat Abulkharat’s death, Hyderabad Muslim world have become bereft of a great Islamic leader.

Hazrat Moulana Abul Kharat Syed Anwarullah shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Quadery died on 06th of January 2005 OR 24th Zeekada, 1425 AH. His Father was Hazrath Abul Barakat Syed Khaleelullah shah Naqshbandi Jaannaseen Abul Hasnath Muhaddith-e- Deccan and his Grand Father was Moulana Abul Hasnath Syed Abdullah shah Naqshbandi , alias Muhaddith-e- Deccan , at the age of 72 years, the world lost a great spiritual leader and a scholar. The funeral procession was the biggest of its kind in Hyderabad attended by about 12 lakh people, They are buried in Naqshbandi Chaman, Misri Gunj, Hyderabad. The Khalifa and successor of his mission is his TRUST NAME: “Hazrath Abdul Hasanat Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadiri Muhaddith-e- Deccan(R.A)” Chart table & Religious TRUST ACT 1920,Registation No:40/2003 1/925 (SB)Book iv Identification Number 1513-129-40-2003 At Register Office Saroornager Hyderabad AP Indian

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  1. ZINDA BAAD JANAB PIR Hadhrat Abul Khairaat Syed Anwarullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) SARKAR GI ALLAH PAK-AAP SARKAR KO JANAT UL FARDOOS MAI BULAND MAKAM ATTA FARMAYIN AAMIN.
    Allah inhe Janat me Ala muqam ata farmye (Ameeeeeeeeen)

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