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The Holy Sufi Festival Monthly FATEHA Function 24th islamic calendar Hadhrat Abulkharat

FATEHA Festival Hadhrat Abulkharat,24th islamic calendar Is :-

Every Month 24th Festival Is Celebrated Depending  Upon Sighting Of The Moon. If  You Ever Want To Participate In This Holy fateha Festival Here In Masjids UK,USA,Canada,etc Then U Can Contact Me. In Case U Are Unable To Come Here, Then Also U Can Participate In This FATEHA Festival By Sending Ur Offerings.

FATEHA Hadhrat Abulkharat

On every 24th islamic calendar of Month the famous and highly inspiring programmes of Fateha Hadhrat Abulkharat is celebrated Masjids(UK,USA,Canada,etc). Those who attend this function realise its solemnity and sanctity and also the benefit which they receive. This program which has its own blessings starts from about 8.30 P.M. in the Evening and continues about an hour without any programme of Naats Shareef.

The programme beings with recitation of Quran proceeded with recitation of Shijra (spiritual genealogy of Muhaddis-e-Deccan) and then with ‘SALAM’ and ends with Fateha.

In the evening in every home of the Khadims this Fateha is organised and prayers are offered for the well being of the devotees.


On every 11th of the Lunar Month the famous programme, popularly known as Fateha Giarahween Sharif is held.

FATEHA OF HAZRAT Imam-E-Rabbani Mujaddid AlfSani, Shake Ahmed sirhind sharif :

On every 28th of Islamic month Fateha of Hazrat Imam-E-Rabbani Mujaddid AlfSani, Shake Ahmed Sirhind,is performed between Asar and Maghrib prayer.

Fateha Yearly  Dada Peer.

Hadhrat Syed Anwarullah Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi QadriSyed Khaleelullah Shah Sahab,Syed Anwarullah Shah saab,Syed Abdullah Shah sahabSyed Khaleelullah Shah Sahab,Syed Anwarullah Shah saab,Syed Abdullah Shah sahabHazrat Syed Anwarullah Shah

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